Goddess Awakening Healing + Activation Vortex

Experience the mastery of my energy healing and alchemy to bring you forward into the life you deserve and desire.

Spiritual wellness and healing is a priority in your  wealth building and your energetic elevation.

In your 90 minute energetic healing session we will remove the veil and and allow you to live in your truth to realign you to the calibration of abundance...

During your time you will receive:

  • Clearing to remove the stagnant energy blockages 

  • Spiritual Realignment to integrate you with your higher self 

  • Q & A session for your experience and a solution based plan

Open your hands, your heart and your mind, and prepare to step into YOUR RIGHTFUL ABUNDANCEđź–¤


Need Aftercare?


This is offer is more SOPHISTICATED than me simply healing you and sending you off to do it on your own! Join my high vibe spiritual membership community for SELF CARE, ENERGETIC MASTERY, and TEMPLE MAINTENANCE. This includes:

  • A self study portal for your development
  • Monthly energizing and healing sessions
  • Journal to document your evolution and self discovery
  • Monthly group calls
  • LIVE channeling
  • Private Telegram community + MORE!


Receive an EXCLUSIVE membership price for your aftercare if you join your aftercare at checkout!

What People Are Saying:

We went from tumor to minor tension headaches. The scan will confirm it. It's a testimony. Something has shifted in my head. They aren't going to find anything. They gave me migraine medicine and the headaches got worse. I took some tension medicine over the counter and my headaches are almost done. Girlll that session worked!!

Kimberly C.

Everything just flowed. She gave me great insights into things that I can do not just for my business but things that I can do that make sense for me so that I can live fully and abundantly. And worked through some blockages that I have been struggling with for quite some time. I love Ebony and I appreciate her. Thanks Ebony!

Mia M.

I felt an energy around me that I knew wasn't welcome. I reached out for confirmation and I was correct. I had experienced a pain in my chest the day before reaching out. Ebony was not aware that I had the chest pain and picked up on it. She stated the energy had caused a blockage that needed to be removed. I followed the instructions during the cleansing and immediately felt light as a feather. Moments later I had a burst of energy. I am so pleased with the outcome and have even encouraged her to branch off and offer other services 🙂

Jamika N.

$1,000.00 USD

By purchasing this product or service I understand that it is not refundable or exchangeable due to its digital nature. All results are on an individual basis. 

Membership can be canceled at any time.

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